Ferme du Rochelois was initially started as a local natural herbs, spice and fruit preserves business in Haiti in the 1990s. It was well known for its quality gourmet products that received national and international praise.

After moving to Homestead Florida, Cuckita Bellande, the founder of Rochelois, was amazed at the extraordinary variety of exquisite tropical fruit to be found in the nearby Redlands region. Rochelois is today a small family owned enterprise that combines the expertise of Alex, her husband, an agronomist, and of her multi talented daughter Valerie. Rochelois now offers a line of original jams and jellies drawing from Caribbean, Asian and American culinary tradition.

Rochelois products are 100% natural, made exclusively from fresh local fruit that are pesticide free. All packaging is produced on environmentally sanctioned stock with soy-based inks.

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