Welcome to Redland Organics.

We are a group of organic growers, business affiliates, consumers and other interested parties located in and around the Redland area of southern Miami-Dade County, in South Florida, USA.

Redland Organics was created to help our local organic growers promote, produce, and market locally-grown organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, eggs, and value-added items to discriminating consumers.

By pooling our resources, we can reduce our costs and keep our products affordable. We want to educate and inspire you to participate in our joint endeavor to farm responsibly, sustainably, and organically.

You can find Redland Organics products at participating farmers markets and discriminating restaurants

We strive to make our produce accessible and appealing to a wide range of tastes.

Unique Farm-to-table experiences

...from casual brunches to exquisite farm dinners and farm stays, our Redland Organics member farms provide a range of experiences, each unique to the farm's style.

Products and Services

USDA organic or pesticide-free nonGMO vegetables, tropical fruit, eggs, honey, value-added farm products. Farmers markets, high-end restaurants, retail/wholesale, CSA, fairs, events, and farm-to-table experiences.

Our Growers & Affiliates

Our growers and producers are located in South Florida, mainly in the Redland agricultural area of Miami-Dade. B2B: Affiliated businesses support our cause of organic growing and sustainability.


Want to learn more about organics? There's a wealth of information for consumers and growers alike.

Join us!

Be a part of the local, organic and sustainable food movement in South Florida